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Asian Handicap Explained
Asian Handicap betting is the most popular way of betting on football in the Far East. It offers great value to the bettor and is potentially less risky than traditional "Win-Draw-Win" style betting. You must either select the favoured team to overcome a handicap (framed in goals) or oppose the favourite with the handicap.


The Handicap Line
The Handicap Line is the terms of the bet - framed around the relative strengths of the two competing sides - always expressed in terms of goal superiority.

For two equally matched teams - i.e. joint favourites to win - the line will be described as 'level'. To win on the basis of this handicap, you must simply pick the team that scores the most goals. If the match is a draw, the stakes are returned to you.

For unequal contests, the superior team will be given a handicap (goals). In Asian betting, goal handicaps are known as 'balls'.

There are two types of Asian Handicap Line:


Simple Handicap (sometimes called Single Handicap)
With bets placed on Simple (whole unit) Handicap Lines (E.g. 0,1,2 ball), you must either win the stated return, lose your stake or have your stake returned should the result be a draw on the basis of the handicap.

For bets placed on Simple (non-whole unit) Handicap Lines (E.g. 0.5,1.5,2.5 ball) you can only win or lose as a draw is impossible.

For example: Manchester Utd are 1.5 ball favourites to beat Southampton. You win as a backer of Manchester United if they win by 2 goals or more. You lose if Southampton win, draw or lose by one goal.

Split Handicap (sometimes called Double or Twin Handicap)
A bet on a Split Handicap Line is split in half into two components - one on a whole unit line and one on a non-whole unit line. Imagine that the line was 1 and 1.5 ball. Half the bet would be struck at 1 and the other half at 1.5. This is best explained with the following example:

The Handicap Line is 1 and 1.5 (also described as 1 ¼) where Germany is the favoured team over Denmark. A bettor backs Germany on this Split Handicap Line, so half his bet is Germany at -1 and the other half is Germany at -1.5. The Germans only win 2-1 so this bettor loses his bet at 1.5 and draws his bet at 1. As a result, the bettor is returned half his stake.

Conversely, the wager on Denmark at +1 & +1.5 would enjoy a better return, with half his wager a winner (the +1.5 element), and the other half a draw (the +1 element.) He therefore wins 50% of his stake at the specified odds and has the other 50% of his stake returned.


Goal Line (Over/Under)
The goal-line is the number of goals that we think will be scored in total in a particular match, expressed in a whole number (e.g. 2) or as a whole plus half number (e.g. 3.5).
The line is either a single line (e.g. 2.5) or split line (e.g. 2 / 2.5)
You bet either over or under the goal-line.
Where the total number of goals equals the goal-line, stakes are
Normal 90 minutes match betting rules apply.

Goal Line Asian Handicap bets are best explained with examples:
If you bet on “over” when the line is 3, you lose your bet if one or two goals are scored and win if more than three are scored. If exactly three goals are scored, your stake will be refunded.

If you bet on ‘under’ when the line is 2.5 and there are one or two goals in the game, your bet wins. If there are three or more, your bet loses
A split line bet can be considered two separate bets since your stake is divided equally between the two lines.

So, for example, if you bet £10 on “over” when the line is 2 / 2.5 you are in fact betting £5 on over 2 and £5 on over 2.5.

In this example, if the total number of goals is 0 or 1 your bet loses.

If the total number of goals is 2 then half your bet is refunded (the 2 line) and half your bet loses (the 2.5 line).

If the total number of goals is 3 or above then both parts of your bet win.

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